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>> good morning. welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. we'll get to the top stories in a moment, but first a look outside with meteorologist eva marie. you're in the hot seat. >> it's a big forecast, because a lot of people will be traveling, heading up to
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thanksgiving holiday. things are going to be okay better than worst case scenarios, especially right now. while it is chilly, 43 degrees, we have clouds as well. overall, timberwolves quiet. we're expecting dry weather today around baltimore, with scattered clouds,, highs ranging 50 to 55. the sun will set tonight at 4:49 p.m. in fact, it's not till january until the sun starts to set after 5:00 p.m. so seem between homeowners and a big oil company. 11 news reporter george latis has more. >> look at it. look at the rust. >> that's all from diesel fuel. >> residents believe it's the
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effect of underground fuel contamination from this test gas station on joppa road to the nearby backyards, drainage pipes and basements of homes on raven drive. 16 homes have been bought by hess and are expected to be demolished this spring. it's part of a legal settlement between the homeowners and hess. >> i certainly would have preferred some steps earlier by gasoline company to deal with this. >> maryland's department of the environment started investigating a fuel leak in 1987, from underground storage tanks at the hess. mde says the tanks were removed in 1991, and no liquid fuel has been detected in monitoring wells since 1995. but the department says there are still low levels of fuel contamination is in the groundwater, resulting in odors in the neighborhood. >> you can smell it right here.
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do you spell that? >> i smell that. >> none of the homeowners who settled would talk to us, but we did talk to mel and his uncle, who were not included in the settlement, because they were told the contamination stopped 5 feet from their property. >> the fumes and everything, and the oil slick and the water was just gushing from the back. that's back of hess right there and it was coming directly into our backyard. i don't understand why our house is it ok, you know, but all these aren't. and we're ride behind the gas station. >> the teals say the department of the environment took samples from their house about a year ago. >> they never got back with me with any information whatsoever, so it was like we were left out in the cold. >> and left were that uneasy fuel odor. >> you don't even want to strike a match out here in the summertime, because that's how bad the fumes are. >> it can't be healthy for us. it can't be. >> state officials say the contamination has not affected the drinking water, because the homes are on public water.
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as for the land where those homes will be demolished, sources say it will probably turn in to some sort of public park, if the land is not too hazardous, in the newsroom, george lettis, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a house fire in a an run del county was reported around 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. it took 60 firefighters about a half an hour to bring that fire under control. a 57-year-old man who lived in the house was transported to a hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries. a firefighter was also taken to the hospital, but we're told, he has minor injuries. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. in baltimore city, police are investigating a fatal hit-and-run. we're told it happened early yesterday morning in northeast baltimore. police say a car hit a man shortly before 2:00 a.m. in the morning in the 5300 block of frankfurt heav. he later died at the hospital and right now, police are searching for a black four door mazda with a partial maryland
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tag of 5183, or 5189. also in the city, police are investigating a shooting in the 300 block of east north avenue. it happened shortly before 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. police say they arrived to find a 30-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds. that victim was transported to an area hospital. there's no word on his condition or any possible suspects. >> for more than a decade, it's become a prethanksgiving day tradition, an event at the courthouse, where individuals become families, just in time for the holidays. 11 news reporter debra weiner has that story. >> once a year, balloons mark the joy that takes place inside the clarence mitchell courthouse in baltimore. it is national adoption day. to ronald and his wife, it means two 15-year-old boys living in foster care officially become their sons. >> congratulations to both of
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you. >> thank you for being part of the family. it's just making it come altogether, an we are all a family. >> for me, it makes me feel regular, have a place like everybody else, it just makes me feel good. >> 32 children were adopted in baltimore. and hundreds of other courthouses across the country experienced the same warm scene. >> it's important, because we need to promote the need for permanent families for the more than 100,000 children in foster care across the united states. >> people come and go, but families are what? >> forever. >> >> giving thanks early this holiday season, long overdue for baltimore's newest family. >> i'm blessed to allow us. thank you for allowing us to be in you guys' lives.
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you know, it's not us being in your life. thank you for opening up to our house, and adjusting to us. thank you. and i do love you guys and i'm proud of you guys. >> debra weiner, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 9:08 a.m. 43 degrees at b.w.i., we are days away from black friday. how to avoid to being a victim of deals too good to be true. >> neighbors helping neighbors. mayor stephanie rollins blake joins us live with more on her good neighbor event. >> we're starting off the day on the cool side. in fact,. of the nation is as well. but temperatures should rebound into the thanksgiving holiday. we'll have details coming uphqhq
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>> >> good morning. we're starting you off with a live view from skycam. it looks kind of dark out there. we had some clouds move if from the south and that's going to be
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the case throughout the day. scattered clouds in the forecast. currently 47 degrees at the interharbor. 43 at b.w.i. thurgood marshal. all the clouds come with a storm system in the carolinas. you can see the showers just start to go mask their way into the -- make their way into the outer bangs, start to go move in towards columbia as well and all of this continues to spread in across the southeast coast. notice how they're nearing norfolk, virginia. they'll stay south of ocean city. southern parts of maryland will be cloudy because of this storm system. i'm show you that satellite picture. that's where you can really get a good idea of what the storm is doing to our area. as we zoom out to the satellite picture, swing over to our other computer, we can see that, all the clouds coming in from the south. there's a peak of clear skies baltimore up towards the pennsylvania line. most of the clouds will be situated down to our south throughout the day. that's because that's where it's closer to that storm system. and then high pressure comes in from the west, and that's how we
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actually going to steer the storm system off the coast and bring some fairly nice weather for the thanksgiving holiday. this is good news, because originally, we thought this storm might track right up the coast, which would have been very bad news for thanksgiving travelers. for now, we're thinking this high pressure system that sits on the coast in to thursday and keeps all that stormy weather out to sea, so show you that seven day forecast in just a little bit. first, let's talk about the winds today. not a big deal around baltimore. gusts up to 5 miles per hour in baltimore, also edgewood, even in to college park. you get a little further south, they're increasing just a bit, 17 miles per hour in chrisville and 22 miles per hour in ocean sit. for that reason, a small craft advisory is in effect for southern portions of the bay, especially south of the bay bridge, where the waves can be anywhere from 1 to 2 feet and the gusts up to 20 knots today. the next high tide coming in at 9:41 a.m. at fort mchenry and 10:26 p.m. this evening. sunday's forecast, 52 for
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baltimore. 53 for southern maryland and 54 degrees in ocean city. a lot of clouds in southern areas, a lot more sunshine the further you go up towards the north. but even with the sunshine in the mountains, highs only in the 40's today. it's going to be pretty chilly there. that takes us to pittsburgh, where the ravens are going to play tonight at heinz field. kickoff at 8:20 p.m. this evening. it's going to be a chilly one. temperatures ranking from 41 to 44 at kickoff time with mostly clear skies. light winds out of the east. temperatures will actually drop into the 30's by the end of the game. so bundle up if you plan to head there to watch the ravens beat the steelers. seven day forecast, 52 with sunshine. 53 tomorrow. a now showers may continue to lurk with that storm down to our south. i think these are mostly a southern event, both monday and even into tuesday. baltimore stays mostly dry. sunshine by thursday on thanksgiving day, beautiful, 60 degrees. and then a weak cold front comes throughout friday night. >> more than 200 volunteers joined forces on saturday to build a new playground in park
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heights, in one day. organizers from kaboom, mcdonald's, day spring inc. and area residents all chipped into build the playground. it was based on design drawn by children. >> we transformed three tree-filled lots into a vital play space, for children in this community, who have very few safe outdoor places to play. >> the playground is the third of 12 scheduled to be built by next year. all is part of a new partnership between mcdonald's and kaboom. well, the community spirit continues today. it is good neighbor day in baltimore. >> hundreds of volunteers will join their steffi rowlings bike cleanup and the mayor is joining us to tell us more. tell us weighs going on behind -- what's going on behind you there and what's going on today. >> this is good neighbors day. i'm here with ken from kai and we are here with volunteers,
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everyone from community members, we have a police academy class, we have girl scouts. we've got a little bit of everybody and we're here to do beautification projects and service projects throughout the region today. >> give us an idea of some things that you're going to do. not just cleaning up, but making sure smoke detectors are ok and debris from the storm is cleaned up. >> definitely. there's a lot of that, a lot of checking on seniors, a lot of the debris cleanup, and you know, we're going to clean up the streams and things like that. things that people probably overlook. we have volunteers that are going to give the region that extra special love and care today. >> and this is thanksgiving week, a real time to give back and folks watching this right now, they want to get involved, how can they get down there to help you today? >> we are at the police and fire academy, at northern parkway, that's where we're signing up volunteers, you come, get your assignment and you go to work. >> and kai is with you, did he want to say something?
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>> the gentleman with you, does he want to say something or just supporting you? >> oh, he's supporting me. he doesn't have a mic, but i can give him mine. hold on. >> that's ok, mayor. you don't have to do that. >> ok. >> just talking to him. mayor, have him -- >> we're thrilled to have the mayor and more than 500 volunteers working today. on our semiannual good neighbor day. it's become a tradition that we're now doing twice a year. and it really just demonstrates the commitment of neighbors and volunteers to each other, and building a better baltimore. >> all right. thank you so much for that. >> thank you. >> and -- >> see what happens when you give me the mic. >> and mayor, don't even think about trying to take our jobs, ok. >> stay there down at city hall. >> good mic management. have fun. i'm glad you have good weather for it. >> lisa already told you i was coming for you. >> all right, mayor. thank you. >> like a baseball player.
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shouting at her -- >> our q & a segment is still ahead with maryland school superintendent dr. lowry. >> next, the stipulations for black friday you might want to double check. >> first, a look at some events going on around town. >> mayor is here with me next saturday. we'll know why, right?
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>> welcome back. the holiday shopping, costly enough, let alone you getting taken in by scammers. angie barnett is here from the better business bureau with some tips. lots of people live for black friday. they love it. >> absolutely. black friday started years ago before the internet and now just between the cyber monday, black friday, it just all runs in together, doesn't it. >> now it's starting on thanksgiving day, let alone black friday, so what should people do first of all when they're out there shopping. >> you and i were discussing earlier, first thing, do your homework right now. start looking at price
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comparisons, meaning the key items on your list, know what they -- what the average cost is, so you can both spot a good deal, but also, if it's really low ball price, ask is it too good to be true, could there be a bogus web site, a bogus coupon offering this incredible deal. >> do you have to worry about fake advertising? >> oh, absolutely. right now, it's a time when you may get emails, you may get a web site, you may actually get something in the mail and the fake advertising is to drive you to a web site that's frequently owned by a scam artist, they're want to go get your credit card information. so that really is an opportunity in the fake advertising. >> a lot of them are offering promotion he is an contests right now to get you to go there. >> right. think about your social media, facebook, twitter, where there's advertisement found, you typically can look at some of those advertisements and they're again designed to lead to you a bogus web site, so social media is also an opportunity for the
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ripoffs. >> how do you make sure you're going to a secure web site? >> well, you want to look at typing in the web site yourself. that is the best thing to do. when you rely on links, you may be diverted. so typing in the web site yourself, and double checking to make sure it's not a sound alike. >> like a rogue web site. >> yes. >> because this is a way you want to protect your information. >> oh, yes. the other thing is when you're about to put in your credit card information, you know the rule, look for a secure web site by the little padlock at the bottom, make sure it's close, and that you are -- make sure it says https, s for secure. >> a lot of us taking our smart phones with us when we shop, shopping on the spot. >> it's a great idea, but don't another get, your phone is zest september i object to virus -- susceptible to viruses as your computer is and we have so far less protection on our phones. >> and so we want to make sure
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we're use ago credit card maybe versus a debit card, is that correct? >> that's the biggest rule. i like to say at christmastime, let's just use one credit card, so check on line frequently an remember, you have a lot more protection with a credit card, you can dispute charges, you have a lower liability, bank card, debit card, they can wipe out our entire bank account, so keep that in mind. >> bad news for christmastime. >> so much to be thinking about at a hectic time. >> scam artists, they're looking for you to not be thinking clearly. >> happy thanksgiving. stay with us. coming up next on 11 news, john kerry and your sunday gardener. >> kerry, we have a bunch of pieces of things that have to do with autumn. how would you bring all this together? >> i think we want to celebrate the harvest and we do that at thanksgiving. >> we'll be talking about thanksgiving, your table and your settings, all coming up on your sunday gardener.hqhqhqhqhqq
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>> good morning, welcome to your sunday gardener. i'm john collins. just in time for thanksgiving. we'll talk about autumnizing. >> there you go. >> that's one way to put it. or thanksgivingizeing your dinner table or decorations around the house to get them seasonable. not all the way to christmas yet, because we're still into the fall mode. >> it is. it does seem like commercials and everything have been running on christmas. we've been set up for a long time, but we don't want to forget fall and thanksgiving, because it's probably the least commercial of any of the holidays. >> we're inside again and we're trying to decorate the inside
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garden or make an inside garden. >> exactly. some of the things i have over we're, we have three pots and one of the things i like to do is, don't they look a little like christmas lights? >> they do. absolutely. i wonder if we can get a genetically bred clove. >> you can make a setting on the table and you can trianglize them or put them around a gord. >> you can put different things around there. that's kind of cool. the other thing is you mentioned gords, pumpkins, are still around, you can find them at your farm markets and garden centers and this is fun. this is something we've used to plant paper weights. >> the miniatures are really cool. they're very color it would and you get a few leaves from outside on your yard, decorate things and you're fine and i have plenty of those. believe me. >> the house plants, you can certainly take half plants to
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give you a fall look. i'm going to fake plants this. that does great. >> it has some fall, it has green but the yellow and red and orange in there. >> exactly. then we can take a bermeliade and put it in there and a plant with great color. >> you do potting, you call it the overflow, what is it? >> the filler and the spiller. >> ok. the filler, the spiller, the thriller. and the filler. >> that's right. now the other nice thing about this is while this looks very fallish, if we take this out, and put, you know, one of these red things in that we kind of use for christmas, the poinsettia, we can christmasize that. >> they make smaller poinsettias, but if your use this plug-in mode, where you don't plant these things, although they can be planted
9:29 am
later, but week to week to week if you want to get fancy and spend a couple bucks, you can keep changing the centerpiece to accommodate the season. >> absolutely. the other thing we talked about in the past is planting an empty pot so the empty pot is there, you can pull the plant out and put it back in so we can go from poinsettias to paper weights, to daffodils, carry it around year-round. >> modular planting. >> modular, that's right. >> modular planting, that's a good term for it. we have about a minute left and we probably shut talk about, we're into mid november. we've had some cold shots, other shots at reasonably mild temperatures in the 50's and whatnot. what should we be doing outside? >> i finally had the hard frost at my house, i can go out and any of my perennials that are brown, i can cut those back. a lot of my daisies will stay up to provide winter food. it's also a good time to mulch. we're not going to be -- everything has gone dormant, so we can put on a couple inches of
9:30 am
mulch that will keep everything warmed up until spring. >> cleanup is a lot of it at this stage of the game, because nothing is going to grow. >> that's right. then there's that leafing thing. in my opinion, i think you ought to cut them in place, mow over them in you're not in a wooded area, grind them up and that will feed your lawn the natural way. if you have to leaf -- if you have to rake them up, put them in a compost pile that will be wonderful in a year or two. >> black gold. >> black gold. >> we'll talk more about, well, you know, modular gardening and what not in your house coming up next on your sunday gardener next sunday. we'll see you then. >> if you have gardening questions, send it to sunday garner -- >> and the new superintendent of maryland schools is in our studio right now, dr. hillan lowry is joining us for this
9:31 am
morning's q & a coming up. >> if you're cooking for the who would discs we have the gadgets that will make your life a whole lot easier. >> my husband is cooking this year. i have to work, i said you're handling the turkey. you better watch this for some tips. as far as the forecast goes, we're watching a little disturbancdown to our south. maybe it brings showers into the upcoming week. we'll have details in the insta-weather forecast. w=!nño
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>> >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. let's take another look outside with eva. >> good morning. still a little chilly out there. temperatures are still in the low 40's right now. we currently have 43 degrees at b.w.i. marshal and the dew point at 34 and the humidity now at 71%. the winds northeast, 7 miles per hour. throughout the day, the winds will continue to be out of the northeast, 5 to 10 miles per hour. high temperatures ranging 50 to 55, that's a few degrees below normal and the sun sets tonight at 4:49 p.m. but we are looking for the sun to start to set after 5:00 p.m., by january. so that's what we're looking ahead to right now. we'll talk about the seven day forecast when we come back in just a few minutes. >> time now for our sunday
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morning q & a, joining us this morning, dr. lillian lowry, the state superintendent of schools. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have been on the job since july, traveling the state. what have you learned about our area schools? >> well, as i knew coming in, schools are amaze. as i visit the 24 jurisdictions, i find that each one has its own unique circumstances. a lot of good work really tailored to the students they serve. good things are happening. >> when you went through the 24 jurisdictions, you were able to see what discrepancies there were, there were some weaknesss where other schools needed to catch up. >> well, actually, because of the work that the districts have been doing around the third wave of preform, they are really collaborating really well and so, best practices are being spread among them. i find that where we all have opportunities for growth, they are sharing best practices and doing it together. >> all right.
9:35 am
let's talk a little bit about violence in schools. first day of school, baltimore county, gun in a school, a young man is shot. what are some of the things that you're doing to address violence in schools, and how did you sort of call your superintendents together after those incidents? >> well, i will begin by saying that dr. dance is just a phenomenal leader and did a great job at navigating through that very critical, difficult time, and of course, we send our best wishes to the student and the families and the students who are impacted by that. the superintendents have plans for crises, that are required each year. it certainly has compelled all of us to look more closely to what's in those plans and how we share across the state, those things that work best. not only with the school districts though, if one noticed the local jurisdiction, the county executives, and the police department were very actively engaged with dr. dance
9:36 am
and working through those. so i believe what we've learned is of course, the schools are a microcosm and we have to make sure we have great safety and security, policies and practices in place, but it is bigger than just the school. we also learned through that that we have to work very closely were our county officials. >> did you sort of send out a memo or say something to your superintendents about just review these? >> i meet with the students once a months and so after that happened, we had a monthly meeting, all 24 superintendents are at the table and we had a really robust discussion about all of that happened, and dr. dance shared some of his circumstance and how they responded. and get best ideas from his colleagues. >> because it wasn't just baltimore county. we're seeing it in anne arundel county and baltimore city. we just had a major weather event with the hurricane. i'm sure we're going to have more. that's something that's been on your radar and something you've been addressing with your superintendents about snow days and hurricane days and other weather days?
9:37 am
>> i was really amazed, because this was my first climate exchange, if you will, here in the state of maryland and it is a well-oiled machine. we were on the phone with the governor, very often throughout this entire process, he was in contact with all of the local jurisdictions and the counties officials. nema was just extraordinary and we have staff at msde, who are dedicated to making sure that we have contacted all 24 jurisdictions so that with we're reporting to the governor and his staff, we request update them on what's happening, what the needs are for the schools, what schools are going to be closed, what schools will be open, so we have pretty good protocols in place in maryland. >> let's shift to teachers. teacher evaluations, student growth factors into that and some are saying this is just not fair. >> right. right. i think what we have to do, more than any other work that i'm tasked with coming in, is shift this conversation to the reason that we are engaged in the historic way with reform.
9:38 am
here engaged in the historic way with reform to make sure that our students have rigorous standards so that we know when we talk about college and career ready, we can define across the state, compared to other states in the nation, what college and career readiness means and so the conversation needs to be about, how do we implement these conceptual standards, so our students have much more rig or earlier and they are not just looking at regurgitating facts, but in english language arts, they are looking at technical reading and writing and how to use evidence-based practices to support what they're saying and writing, an on the math side, how they not only look for the right answer, but how they can conceptually explain how they derived those answer. then we have the assessment to determine did we implement well, and are students learning, so i believe as we walk through this, this is a field test year, so we can really assess what works
9:39 am
best to ensure that we are being fair to teachers and leaders, as we walk through this process. we will get to a better place. it really is about the curriculum, the assessment is a lagging indicator to determine if we implemented well and if the students are learning. >> and in defense of teachers, they're going to say, we're more than just teachers. and when it comes to assessments, we have to play the role of parent many times, disciplinarian many times, so they do more than just that. how do you factor in that in to their jobs? >> i believe with all my heart and having been a teacher for many years, if we didn't do all of those things, we wouldn't be effective anyway. if we don't build relationships with students, take them where they are, whoever walks through the door in public schools, they have to be accepted, because that's what public schools are all about and our teachers are phenomenal at going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that they're well cared for, that they feel safe and
9:40 am
secure and without that kind of relationship, the learning isn't going to take place anyway. we have to listen to our teachers as we go through the field test year, we have to listen to our leaders and make sure that what we're implementing is done with all toes conversations that you mentioned. >> so you're saying you're committed to an open dialogue? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you, i really appreciate it. don't go away, we'll be back with more news in just a moment. but first, david gregory on meet the press. >> coming up on meet the press, the president's national security team under fire over the petraeus affair and this battle over benghazi. this morning, the key voices on these matters, the intelligence chairs for the house and the senate, congressman mike rogers, senator dianne feinstein, also lindsay graham leading the carriage against the president on benghazi and his u.s. ambassador, susan rice, who could become the president's nominee for secretary of state. all of them will weigh in on which way this controversy is
9:41 am
heading. this is happening as the president is trying to negotiate with congress to get something done to avoid this fiscal cliff. our round table weighs in on the very latest as well, on the prospect of another middle east war with all the violence in gaza. it's all coming up this morning on meet the press.hqhqhqhqhqhqho
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>> good morning. we're starting you off with a live view from skycam. looks fairly cloudy out there right now. we have a lot of clouds pushing in from the south. 43 at b.w.i. marshal. the winds, 7 miles per hour. all the clouds associated with a disturbance off the carolina coast.
9:44 am
isolated sprinkles right now, but look at all this rain pushing all the way towards columbia right now. this is all continuing to produce a lot of clouds up in to the mid-atlantic and that's going to be impacting our weather as we go throughout the day. let's show you the satellite picture. that can show you how many clouds we're seeing right now. pretty thick in nature from baltimore all the way down to ocean city, while the skies are still mostly clear across the northern counties, all the way up towards the pennsylvania line. this is basically going to be the trend throughout the day. you look south, you'll see the clouds. up to the north, mostly clear. kind of that dividing line right over baltimore. all the clouds with that storm down into the carolinas, the showers are just inching their way up towards the southern tip of the delmarva peninsula. these are going to hang nearby in not next couple of days, so the southern portions of maryland have a chance for rain, even as we go into the work week. most of this will stay south of baltimore, fortunately, because we have a large ridge of high pressure in control, not only from the northeast, but all the way down into the mississippi river valley as well, so this
9:45 am
high pressure ridge is going to help scoot this storm system off the coast and bring us fairly nice weather into the thanksgiving holiday. breezy today, 5 miles per hour in downtown baltimore, but close to 17-mile-per-hour gusts in chris field and 22-mile per hour gusts in ocean city. if you plan to be out on the bay, there is a small craft advisory in effect south of the bay ridge. anywhere north of the bay ridge, you shouldn't see as strong of winds. the next high tide is coming in pretty much right now at 9:41 a.m. then 1020ics is p.m. this evening. 5 -- 10:26 p.m. this evening. only in the 40's in the mountains. more sunshine up to the north, and more clouds down to the south. that takes us to our seven day forecast. big forecast for all the travelers, for the thanksgiving holiday. things look good in baltimore at least, all the way through wednesday. few showers maybe around in the southern part of the state. keep that in mind if you travel southbound for the early part of the week. then thursday looks beautiful for thanksgiving, high pressure in control. we warm up to 60 degrees, then a
9:46 am
weak cold front moves in by friday night. >> turkey day on thursday, of course, lots of folks are going to be in the kitchen cook and rebecca klein is here with some gadget ideas to make our cooking a lot easier. >> a lot easier. lots of fun stuff, whether you're hosting at the holiday at home or bringing a dish to someone else's house, i have things that will save you have time, save you storage space in the kitchen, cut down on cleanup and even a trick on how to make a store bought pie look homemade. this is the two in one pan. this is a frying pan on its own, so it's a lid that doubles as a frying pan and then we have a stopper lid, so this prevents overboiling, you just set this on top of a pan and that way -- comes in various sizes and colors. >> is this magic? >> yes. >> stuffs it back in. >> exactly. this is a collapsable potato masher.
9:47 am
>> my personal favorite is coming up. >> this is a popup turkey timer. this will flip up when your bird is done. it can be used 300 times, so that's a lot of thanksgivings. over here, we have disposable stuffing bags, that way, you don't have to scoop out all the stuffing. it works really well, and then with the mash, the juices can go right in and give your stuffing the flavor. you pull out the bag at the end and you're all set. >> this is all from williams sonoma. over here, this is a slow cooker, a deluxe all clad slow cooker and what's amazing about it, it saves you have on dish washing. you can use this on its stop top, cook with it right here on the slow cooker. it can become a serving piece for the table an even becomes an extra pot to go in your oven. >> and it can go in the refrigerator when you're done. >> and williams sonoma has this cook book to get you started on doing everything you need to do
9:48 am
and it will stay warm in the slow cooker. >> perfect. >> moving on. this is a fat separator. everything over here is from crate and barrel, that comes in handy. one of my favorites, these bakers, oven to table an they come in the hand would have enbaskets, which you don't need a trivet. and this is a no drip turkey baster, it is spring loaded and comes with its own cleaning brush an i promised you a trick on how to make that store bought pie feel homemade. here's what it is. heck out the mini pie cutters. what you do is you buy a separate pie crust, cut out some of the seasonal shapes and bake them for a couple minutes, put them on your store bought pie. >> how awesome is that? >> get more of my tips at town center >> don't go away, coming up next
9:49 am
on wbal-tv 11 news, we are in the kitchen with sunday brunch, but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
9:50 am
9:51 am
>> welcome back. sunday brunch now. joining us this morning, concern
9:52 am
miller from copper kitchen. >> good morning, lisa. beautiful look today. we do a lot of dropoffs this week at copper kitchen, so you have like another day to get your orders in, we deliver or pick up at our shop in federal hill tuesday and wednesday. copper kitchen, chick on meals to go, and then click on holiday menu. >> ok. >> we do all sides and pies. we're not doing turkeys this year. beautiful sides and pies. >> you are the turkey. dressing, people are intimidated by dressing. >> it's easy to do. i know you cook. this is very simple to do. we're doing a classic dressing. onions, butter. my trainer jamie would kill me. i use a stick of butter in this. butter makes the dressing wonderful. if you want to do a lower fat version, use the smart balance version, which is an option. >> did you just do celery and onions, green peppers. >> i don't like green peppers. >> red peppers. >> you could put red peppers, if you want that.
9:53 am
we have a corn bread dressing with red peppers in it. spice, sausage, that's on our menu too. this is a classic sage dressing. i'm using some fresh diced apples in it. fresh herbs always, a little rosemary, fresh sage. the dried sage is good too. i prefer not to use dried rosemary because it's still hard. the needles are hard. sautee that, you know, get a little color on it, because you're going to develop all the flavor, caramelize the vegetables. i had some really good quality bread. >> that's a turkey stock. we make our own at the copper kitchen, but you can always buy the ones in the paper cartons. it's a great product. >> i never seen turkey stock. >> we make ours. >> just sautee that, we'll put it on your bread. a little bit -- i put an egg in this too.
9:54 am
>> no way. >> i put one egg. just for a little binder. it makes it -- all right. >> kevin miller does. >> but you know what, it should be scrambled. >> well, you want this -- this is cool. this stock is cool. just enough stock, people like it more moist. i prefer the -- people will say inside of a turkey or outside of a turkey. i don't want the dressing on the turkey. i don't like a soggy dressing. we bake it in the pan. >> are you going to stir this up? >> you can stir it up if i had something to stir it with. there you go. you can stir that up. bake it. i put a little more melted butter on it too. >> get me messed up. if you want a copy of today's recipe, log on to our web site,, or send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to -- >> try it after the break. stay with us.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> here's a quick check at the seven day forecast. 52 today with scattered clouds. 53 tomorrow with increasing clouds from the south. sprinkles monday and tuesday. dry for thanksgiving thursday. 60 degrees for that high temperature. it looks nice. >> which one do you like the best? >> i like the spicey one, the corn bread dressing? which do you like, jen? >> the sausage with the corn bread. >> i think that's good too. >> you have to eat it with a knife, because that's all we have. >> that's all the time we have for now. thanks so much for joining us. big game tonight against the steelers. go ravens.
9:58 am
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